About OpenX Add Server & It’s History

About OpenX Add Server & It’s History

About OpenX Add server & It’s History

As you may be aware, the OpenX ad server and its applications are full of lots of features. To put OpenX add server in front of you all, in a very simple way is bit new concept these days. OpenX is one of the most appropriate advertisement server app system.

The OpenX  which is a open source and licensed under the GNU General Public License.  OpenX has multiple features , but the main features of the server is an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. This makes it easier for website admins to change and use banners from both their own advertisement campaigns or banners from from paid or third-party sources.

The  OpenX History

OpenX was created by Tobias Ratschiller in year 1998. It began with the phpAdsNew, a software developer similar to the project called phpAds. As soon as the phpAds project came to a halt in middle of the 2000, Wim Godden had in his mind that he needs to create phpAdsNew by expanding the project with new features. He hoped the ‘New’ moniker would be temporary, lasting only until Ratschiller could update the phpAds website.

Unfortunately, this only happened years later, after the name phpAdsNew was too well established to be changed. During the time period between 2001 and 2002, Wim Godden led the phpAdsNew project and later received help from developers such as Niels Leenheer and Phil Hord, continually adding new features and improving the existing ones.

With the release of the OpenX version 1.9, a new and a completely revised version 2.0 was created for the new way of approach. This task was led by Niels Leenheer. The new version of the OpenX has many new features as well as a complete revised graphical user interface (GUI) which made it much more user friendly.

After taking in popularity and earning support from the open-source community, the project was renamed to OpenAds. Features that were built for phpAdsNew 2.0 were also integrated into the latest OpenAds software, which at this point had reached version 2.3. When version 2.4.4 was released in 2007, OpenAds was once again rebranded under a new name: OpenX.

What does the OpenX ad server do?

The OpenX is an open-source ad server. You can download these types of servers and install on your preferred web server or your web hosting account. The servers are basically used to display advertising banners on other websites. It provides options for banner capping, user and site based targeting, time or click limited campaigns, and prioritization of campaigns.

We think that the OpenX manager which represents the breakthrough for the industry by attacking some of the most common as well as fundamental obstacles faced by of publishers today. The complete new innovation within the publisher add server space has been relatively stagnant for a few years.

There were rapid advances within the buyer side technology, e.g. Real-Time Bidding, DSPs, data exchanges, and re-targeting. This result of complete innovation made major publishers happy who were previously struggling to respond to these advances with legacy supply-side technology that just couldn’t cope.

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