About IPS Tags & How to Change Them

About IPS Tags & How to Change Them

IPS is also known as Internet Provider Security tags. Such IPS tags are used by Internet Service Providers (ISP) to give access to the DNS or (Domain Name System). An IPS tag is easy going tag but but in some cases it is sensitive.

It is more sensitive when labels are applied to each of the ISP and which is used to transfer the domain names from one ISP to another. All of the available ISPs are allocated these tags when they apply for becoming the ISP.

The Naming Committee had thought of creating IPS tags and it lost with Nominet UK’s predecessor. However it is accepted world wide as Internet Provider Security Tag. There is a new term “ISP” which is presently considered obsolete by Nominet, and it’s been replaced by the term “registrar”.

An IPS Tag is a case sensitive label which applies to each of the registrant. As we know that the tag is required to transfer the domain names from one of the ISP to another. This ISP tag are used by their registrars.

For Transferring your domain name from one registrar to another requires the original registrar to change the IPS TAG to that of the new registrar.

The owner of domain name doesn’t have authority to change IPS tag by themselves, this authority is just given to the registrar. Hence delays occur when transferring to a new registrar as the old one has no reason to rush the process through.

Q. How can I change the IPS / ISP tag of my UK domain name?

IPS/ISP tag basically applies to UK Web Domains like .co.uk , .uk.com, .uk.net, .me.uk .ac.uk and .org.uk.

For making changes in your IPS / ISP tag your first point of contact is the registrar. The website hosting domain from where your registered your domain name.

You have to request to change the IPS tag of your domain name to WEBHOSTINGUK if you want the domain name to come under the registration of  WEBHOSTINGUK. Please inform our billing department once you change the tag and we will accept your domain name under our registration.

With the help of WHOIS search or Domains Dossier the IPS tag verification can be done through such available tools. We will modify your name servers and make them point to our servers once you point TAGS of your domain name to WEBHOSTINGUK.

Make sure that you inform our billing department through our help desk after you point the TAGS to WEBHOSTINGUK.


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