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A World Wide Internet Slow Down, One of Biggest DDoS Attacks in History

A World Wide Internet Slow Down, One of Biggest DDoS Attacks in History

  • • DDoS Attack of nearly 300 GB/s
  • • A Cyber Attack capable of disrupting even the Government Networks
  • • Sites from around the Globe facing intermittent connections

March `13, Biggest Cyber Attack

There has been news coming from around the globe about Internet slowdown. Even the strongest Internet backbones have faced the heat of this massive attack.

According to security experts, the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is considered to be the biggest in the history of Internet, ranging to almost 300GB/s. Based on reports, the attack was initiated against Spamhaus, a non-profit organization based in London and Geneva that maintains a list of databases of server involved in malicious delivery of emails, spams and unwanted content. It is after them having blocked the servers maintained by Cyberbunker a web host, the attack was said to have initiated.

The attack is considered to be large enough for even Government systems to be taken down easily.

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About DDoS
A distributed denial-of-service widely referred as the DDoS, rage an attack from multiple systems from different locations towards a targeted system. When under such an attack users over the target system encounter a denial of service. The targeted network is flooded with queries which might result in a system overload causing it to freeze.


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