A Holistic Approach To Monetize Your New eCommerce Website

A Holistic Approach To Monetize Your New eCommerce Website

So, you’ve set-up an eCommerce site with a great GUI, have a wide variety of products for people to choose from, a list of trusted payment gateways and you are all set to receive orders – ready to monetize from your eCommerce store.

You started with high spirits and full enthusiasm, it’s been days since the store went live but you haven’t had any order coming-by. Somewhere your spirit is taking a toll and you are probably starting to lose hope.

It isn’t just you, this has happened in the past and so does in the present with a lot of start-ups. Effectively finding customers happens to be a tough job in the midst of a heavy competition, ultimately resulting in a shut-down for some.

What goes wrong? What’s the factor that you missed on? Were the prices high? etc. the mind gets clouded with such questions, leaving no path for answers to come-by. Are you one such individual who is desperately seeking solution?

Well, let me try to help you with these simple but effective techniques to start monetizing from your venture. This should help you lay-down a strong foundation for your business and prepare you with bagging orders.

Build an SEO Strategy

Optimizing your store for the search engines is a must-do activity for not just you but for all website inorder to align with the SERP requirements. A well optimized website stands a better chance to rank well AND attract a flow of organic traffic OR free traffic (you may call it). The more traffic you’d have to your website, the better would be your chances of sale, that’s a simple rule of thumb.

The sooner you get the site optimized, the better results you can expect. Doing so would offer you a promising future for your site’s success.

Optimizing it yourself or getting it done from professionals can be a matter of choice. But, you must also understand that the hosting platform would be a key decision which would decide the success of your eStore. Your hosting service is the backbone of your site, it’s one factor that would also impact its performance. Therefore, ensure you have a host that offers fast & dependable servers. The sites load time would be a deciding factor for your visitors to sign-up with you. See to it that you have a fast loading website for better visitor engagement.

Online Businesses are Driven by Content, No, Good Quality Content

Even today, the search engines depend largely on the content of websites (webpages), it forms the core of their algorithm. Therefore, having a blog attached to your web store can prove to be a smart move to attract attention of the search engines AND the visitors. Doing so can not only help you with rankings, but people can read and get a better  understanding of the products you offer.

Furthermore, writing a blog also allows you to explain your products better. It can turn-out to be an effective way to promote your products across the web. You’d find that most of the successful ecommerce sites today, have content marketing as the core of their strategy. The more a visitor understands your products, the higher would be your chances of earning a sale.

This was about the foundation for your website, BUT unless you market it, you cannot expect a better response. Here are a few ways for promoting your store effectively.

Discounts, Promotions, Give-aways

There’d hardly be anyone who wouldn’t be interested to receive discounts and gifts. A smart marketer would make use of this human tendency to build interest in the products. It’s a great way of creating a win-win situation for your customers and yourself – you get a customer and customer gets to use what he was looking for at a cheaper price than the usual.

Such activities prove more appealing to the crowd, therefore working-out a great offer can drive loads of interested netizens to your site.

Email Lists

Despite the varied means of modern communication mediums, emails are still considered to be the most effective means of communication even today. Therefore, building an email list becomes a continuous process.

You may send promotional emails, discounts, offers etc. to the list from time-to-time, and expect a steady flow of sales orders. This is also a good way to stay connected with your customers. To do so, you can make use of some sophisticated applications to automate the process for you – like :

  • MailChimp
  • Atomic Mail Sender

Go Social By Means of Social Networking Sites

In this era where each day tends to get busier than the previous, social networking sites are considered to be one of the most convenient & effective mediums to connect with people. Since an increasing flock of people find it to be a good platform to connect with their loved one’s, it’s popularity has kept growing ever since.

These platforms today are looked-up to be a rich destination for finding customers too. Many businesses run successful campaigns to attract attention of the people using these platforms and drive business in their favor.

Hence, sharing page links, publishing useful content that interests the masses and referring them back to the store, can prove to be an effective way to promote your business online and keep building relations with people equally.

Use Paid Advertising services

If you have an allocated budget, paid advertising can be an effective way to get targeted traffic to your eStore. Such traffic can result in high conversion and a high ROI.

You may choose between : PPC schemes, CPA, Banner Ads etc.

To check how well the campaigns are converting, you may use :

  • LinkTrackr.
  • CPV Lab.
  • Crazy Egg.
  • ClickHeat.

Getting Your Products Reviewed from Industry Experts

Recommendations play a huge role in deciding the success of an eStore, hence getting it reviewed by established experts can act as a boon in your efforts to promote your products. Though this task won’t be too easy, I know. Not all would agree to review the products you offer, but you’ll have to keep pushing harder.

If you can arrange a free sample or make arrangements for people to try it out, it can drive the reviewers towards testing it out, out of curiosity. If they try it and write a good feedback for the product, you might get a chance of having referred by them to their contact list(s).


Running an eCommerce business is a continuous process wherein you’ll need to find ways to be visible to your prospects in one way or the other. Combining all the techniques together can offer you a better success rate than done individually.

If you need any help whatsoever with regards to hosting platform, we’d be glad to help. We are available 24×7, so you can reach us anytime via. Live chat or email us at [email protected] It’d be a pleasure to help you.

Some More Tools for your eStore efficiency:

  • KISSMetrics.
  • Piwik
  • Optimizely.
  • SiteSpect

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