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9 Deadly Mistakes Which Kills “90%” Of Affiliate Career

9 Deadly Mistakes Which Kills “90%” Of Affiliate Career

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1) Do Purchase a Domain and Hosting From a Reputable Company :- The Newbie Affiliate Promoter prefer going for free hosting and avoid getting a domain name This is always a horrible plan  and yet majority of all newbies end up doing it. Cutting costs is smart, but cutting them in the wrong places can simply be deadly for your fledgling business. Plenty of the online companies do offer a reasonably good web hosting plan for as little as $/per month. You have to make sure that the company must offer a comparably good amount of storage space and a set of site features, including forum scripts, blog ad-ons, cgi-bins, and the ability to perform chron-jobs.

2) Must Learn HTML and How to Use FTP Software :- They Don’t bother to Learn new stuff for upgrading your knowledge base such as How to Use HTML and FTP Software. This is another mistake from the marketer end new internet marketers make: they don’t bother to learn how use HTML and how to use FTP software. If you don’t know HTML reasonably well because its one of the most frequently used, your chances of creating a site that actually has the capacity to generate a  lead is fairly low unless, of course you decide to pay someone hundreds of dollars to build a website for you. Now, if you don’t know how to use FTP software, you might be able to create a organized website with a lot of potential clients, but no one is ever going to see it, because it isn’t ever going to be anywhere other than on your computer. If you’re serious about succeeding with your business, you need both of these skills.

3) You Must Study Copy writing Techniques  :- Getting your business online means faster turn-around and a more easily forecaster revenue. If you want to have a high visitor-to-action ratio – whether that action is buying a product or opting-in to your list – you will have to revise your copy to the point at which it is most effective. The art of inducing a “most wanted response” through carefully constructed writing… many people do not realize this, but good copy writing employs principles of both psychology and  affiliate marketing.  This is where online copy writing plays a huge part with in search engine as well country wise, copy writing techniques to improve.

4) You Must Begin Growing a List of Subscribers :- Every Internet marketer knows the value of building a targeted email list, without which it’s really difficult to grow your online business. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that email marketing has gone out of style or is no longer effective. Email-based marketing is definitely a lot harder than it once was, but there are plenty of ways in which you can build a responsive list, even with all of the new challenges. If you don’t build a list of subscribers, you are generally limited to direct sales.

5) Purchase a Professional Auto responder Service :- Many new Internet marketers Do start collecting names & email addresses; however, since they are working with a small budget, they also decide to download a free auto responder script or use a free or cheap service, rather than paying for a quality service, which is what they should be doing.

6) You Should Select a Niche Outside of Internet Marketing :- This is a major problem. If there is any such thing as a cardinal sin in Internet marketing, it definitely has to do with selling within the Internet marketing niche before you have mastered it. Even so, this is precisely the type of behavior that many marketers promote; and this is exactly what most newbies end up doing.

7) You Must Stay Focused on One Idea At A Time :- This could be a dangerous habit which results in more failure and bankruptcy than most other poor self-employment decisions. Rather than working to create an effective business model, most Internet marketing newbie’s will be constantly pulled in three different directions by the latest product releases.

8 ) You Must Use Traffic Exchange Programs & Safe lists Properly :- Web marketer waste countless hours doing stupid Things with traffic exchanges and safe lists. This is yet another massive mistake newbie Internet marketers make almost without exception: they’ll join safe lists and bomb them with every offer they’ve been exposed to, including ridiculous multi-level-marketing schemes that yell scam.

9) You Must Send Traffic to a “Squeeze Page” Or Your Affiliate Page :- When ever marketer promote a product as an affiliate and send traffic to the affiliate page, rather than to their own lead capture page. This is yet another major blunder that almost all newbie Internet marketers make at some point. They find an affiliate program – and then send traffic to it, rather than to an opt-in page (lead capture page) on their own domains. This is a problem for a number of reasons. The biggest problem with sending traffic to an affiliate page – or even the main page of your website — rather than to a lead capture page on your own domain is that you are relying on direct sales methods, when you could be using follow-up series that will radically increase your conversion rate.

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