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Importance of Directory submission

Importance of Directory submission

A directory is simply a web site that contains a categorized listing of links from all around the web. Submitting to directories such as Yahoo, dmoz and many more can be considered as an important part of an SEO. They can bring a huge traffic to your site and can be considered as an important tool in building links, also help in improving page rank.

There are various directories present on the web, they range from general directories that include categories for almost everything, to specific directories that contain categories to match specific area/s of interest. The submission can be free or paid or both depending on the popularity of a particular directory.Once you submit your site it takes some time to get listed in directory (Free inclusion can take several months, paid inclusion a few days )

You have to provide following information when submitting to directories:
When submitting a link to a directory you will more than likely be asked to provide the following information about your web site:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords that describe it

Before getting into directory submission try to have these information in advance and use the same information when submitting to all directories. Always place keyphrases that describe your web site into the Title text and Description text you submit, especially into the Title text.

Tips when submitting to directories:

*) Submit your link to the most appropriate category :
Every directory have many categories in them, so choose the most relevant form it.
This will ensure your fast listing and may help in boosting your page rank.

*) Be patient :
If you have submitted for free listing you will have to be patient. It can take several months for getting your sites listed in that directory as these are free submission they are treated as less valued.

*) Keep a log :
Once you submitted your site in a particular directory then you should keep this information in a log file ( directory name : date of submission : status ) and when you find that your site listed in a particular directory just change the status as “done”. This will prevents you from submitting to a directory more than once, which may the process of listing to start again and will take time.


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