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5 reasons from WHUK on Why You Should Make an Online Backup!

5 reasons from WHUK on Why You Should Make an Online Backup!

Imagine that you have worked all day updating an document on your laptop. Although it was hard work, the result gave you satisfaction. Before the final revision, you went to get a cup of coffee to relax and stretch your shins. Returning to the table, untied shoelace makes you stumble and drop all the coffee on the laptop. The death is sudden and the computer gives no further signs of life. What to do with the document?

If you own an online backup service, you only need to get a new machine and continue working normally. Now, if you do not have a backup, it is likely that your mood is thrown sideways and the anger you check out a few white hairs. And of course, then you’ll have to face reality and do that job again.

Various types of unforeseen can happen to your hardware or software. So if you do not want your files to be the victim of these unforeseen, you need to always have a backup at hand. Thanks to cloud computing services that can protect your files.

Below are the 5 good reasons to use an online backup service.

Count n security

Cloud server backup systems use encryption to make data transfer. The navigation in a security protocol is protected from external attacks. Therefore, no one will have access to your files while you upload the backup to the cloud.

In addition, many providers also encrypt the storage of files, improving the security further.

No additional hardware

For a backup to make sense, it must be on a different hardware used in production. This means that, there is no point in having a backup on just hard drive of your laptop itself, for example. If your laptop breaks, or is stolen, the backup will go away together.

Buy a specific hardware for this, as an external hard drive, may represent a high investment and limit the files to a source. With an online backup, you do not need any additional hardware to protect your files, just a connection to the internet is sufficient.

Accessibility from anywhere

One of the most interesting characteristics of cloud computing services is the ability to access from anywhere in the world. If you have an online backup, just need connection to the internet so you can access your files.

Possibility of constant backups

Worse than not having a backup system, you have one and forget to use it. In the rush of day-to-day life, often forget to do this task. With an online backup service, you can schedule recurring backups.

Some systems work online all the time. If you are connected to the internet and update a file on your computer, the system backs up it immediately in the cloud.

File sharing

Some people may think, share a backup? But the idea was not to protect files? Yes, the idea is to protect! Therefore, the online backup system allows you to define specific folders or files to be shared.

Imagine your colleague in the office of client wanting to share the updated version of presentation. Rather than move up there to give presentation, you can only share the folder of the updated presentation with them.

Who does online backup, do not give up on tools. You do not need to expect the loss of important files to worry about it!


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