5 Essentials of Cloud Computing. Is Your Provider Taking Enough Care?

December 11, 2013 / Cloud Computing

Jumped pages on the Internet, read enough of cloud, of its freshness & maturity, of its centralization knack, of judicious cost controls, improving cloud security, storage and recently about data migration.

Let’s now understand what real time businesses are looking out for when they Cloud it UP. If you have boarded the cloud already, or considering the cloud as lucrative for your business type, read ahead and know the Five Must haves in Cloud Computing.

The now-mature Cloud has seen increasing number of guest logins upon it since it obviously has underlying benefactors which help businesses – giant as well as petite. The flexibility of cloud – both in type and tool generated keenness in businesses to fit in the perfect match for their set of commercials. However, is there still scope, are they still some gaps which would otherwise fill in, had another cloud provider taken charge? Keep on reviewing – the opportunities and the must-haves of course.

Discarding the extras from the list, we are left with Five Essentials which drive your business ahead, on that well-structured cloud. Who can do the good here; it is surely going to be your Cloud Service Provider.

The best part is that you have a say, in case any of the fixed-five aren’t currently being settled by your Cloud Practitioner.

Cloud Compatibility

How compatible is your newly deployed cloud with your enterprise? You rate it at an 8 on 10? – based on majority of cloud features like reliability, storage, etc. being offered to you. Stop by. There are cloud providers who give you the perfect 10 score –that is absolute compatibility by building specialized enterprise-class Cloudology, i.e. cloud technology specifically designed for your business. Understanding that cloud innovators do create specialized environments, not compromising on high availability of enterprise applications will help you take the right track.

It is a must for cloud engineers to paint the custom design for the ones looking for a completely managed solution. It’s their engineering skills which would carve out the required cloudy structure, meanwhile optimizing resources for the cloud member and the service organization as well.

Cloud-Able Infrastructure

One of the reasons why larger businesses weigh the light-cloud heavy as against traditional hosting is Scalability. Unquestionable feature of each cloud floating in the sky is Scalability. So, the question isn’t that, but it is that of Right Scalability. Following the first question mark, it is imperative to also ask about Scalability. The result of hiring a cloud provider who extends scalability is its seamless business flow, ensuring that all applications run without a pause or a break.

Parallel to the clouded IT giants, there have been versatile cloud vendors breaking the rules and setting records further with scalability with an edge. They are emerging cloud giants producing Cloudology which doesn’t succumb to abnormally increasing resources and thus observe seamless business evolution, without having to press a key literally.

The Online competition between businesses is taking a toll over the offline rivalry, making it claustrophobic for players to lose because of server failures. Also not granting them a split of second on the online timers!

Service Level Agreement

This is a part which can be placed parallel to the essential of computing i.e. Cloud Compatibility. Real time businesses must develop a natural instinct to settle down only for customized solutions, for a reason that they are available! The more the cloud is compatible, the stricter the SLA can be, giving a solution to each of the cloud-worthy queries.

Service Level Agreements will define the entire course of action for the stipulated contract period signed with your cloud consultant. So, as you drop the pen after signing it, you need to have key assurances that my cloud consultant-

Would provide an underlying infrastructure with a guarantee of high uptime, which comes through their Network and Power availability.

Would put me on high priority with responses available 24*7, providing a completely customized suite with managed cloud services

Would give me a resolution to be counted upon, in the worst of business cases


Arguable, yet practical concern in the cloud is that of security, which still a concern remains (to a certain extent where security protocols aren’t strictly adhered to). BUT, again it is your cloud provider who decides the destiny of business data security on an improved architecture with firewalls, SSL Certificate and more and more layers of security to cut the chances of a possible threat. Serious cloud providers do take the deepest dip in the ocean of networks, connectivity, storage layers to ensure that their clientele is appropriately isolated and safely nestled in either of Public or Private Cloud.

Understand and review if real time grid monitoring is performed for grid computing (alternatively term for cloud computing), at the cloud vendor’s infrastructural setup. Improved cloud security today is because of improving server and network architecture.

The sign of a wise business professional is ensuring that the debatable part is taken up first in the cloudy discussions. A sort after cloud solution is one that promises close-to-perfectly secure foundation for your business application.

Engineers with a Heart of Cloud

Definitely an essential. It’s the engineers who saw the cloud coming down to earth and now it is all up to them to define the scope and hope of cloud. The cloud engineers broke the tradition and will shape the new one further on. Two reasons that make them the 5th essential –

One (with example) – If you are hosted with ABC Cloud Provider employing the best of cloud engineers carrying a passion to innovate, you will automatically become the owner of an innovative cloud as and when they innovate. If hosted with XYZ, you will have to switch to ABC offering better and innovative business benefits.

Two –Ultimately, your business will rest, only if the darkest day of your business is seen as an opportunity-to-uplift by the engineering experts.

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