2014 – An Year of The Re-emergence of eCommerce Industry

2014 – An Year of The Re-emergence of eCommerce Industry

“A successful business is when the demands of the customers are well met”, this was ideally the temperament which is followed for ages. But now with competition on its highest peak, there’s no choice for businesses but to consistently be one step ahead. As far as the eCommerce industry is concerned, it’s important to tell the prospects about the latest options available before they ask for it.

Referring back to the news about the initiative that we had taken last year, we’ve observed some impressive trends in customer demands compared to the previous years. The initiative drove a lot of interest amongst new entrepreneurs wanting to start a venture.

The latest news about the acquisition of mobile messaging giant ‘WhatsApp’ by the highly popular social networking service ‘Facebook’,  is one of the best examples of the shifting trends within the industry.

The focus on reputation and brand building rather than mere sales and referral business, would catch pace in 2014. Businesses would lay an extended focus on consumers using mobile devices for online purchase.

Mobile Commerce ( mCommerce )

It’s just an off-shoot of eCommerce, but a very strong entity of running a successful business. Later last year, the mCommerce industry went through some major developments where some major giants in the industry acquired mobile manufacturing companies.

We all are aware about the constant development in mobile technologies, this evolution has also triggered the need for businesses to evolve and match the needs of the mobile users. Aligning the business strategies with that perspective can help experience increased revenue this year.

The idea is simple, be where your customers are. And since the new generation of consumers are connected to the Internet via. mobile devices, it’s important for businesses align themselves to the shift. It’s only about being flexible and enabling the prospects view the eCommerce store on every major device they use to connect to the web.

Such flexibility can be achieved by converting your existing online store with a responsive design. Depending upon website coding technology used, you can easily convert your current website into a beautiful interface which also goes well over mobile devices, offering a good experience with viewing it across a range of mobile screens.

Btw. did you know that we have a mobile version of our business site as well ? Well, we’d urge you to check it out using mobile device.

Another important aspect that factors in is the mobile payment systems, PayPal has already enabled itself with the delivery of mobile payment system – making it convenient for a mobile user to purchase via. a handheld device.

So, the year 2014 and later would see a continued upward spike in buyers via. mobile devices.

Closing the Loose Ends with Integration

In 2014, the industry is expected to see some major developments in platforms with better integration capabilities. Currently eCommerce based businesses depend largely on the eCommerce systems for transactions, CMS’s for content management/ delivery and third party apps for email marketing.

The next-gen platforms are expected to offer an integration of all the three systems into one hence deliver the flexibility that can help close the loose ends, hence avoid a customer to feel disconnected during the transition between the systems.

Personalisation – The key for continued success

Businesses would now need to go deeper to the micro levels by gathering intelligence data for every individual customer. And to gather data, personalization can be one of the keys.

The new line of customers expects a more personalized approach from businesses. Instead of the traditional model of generalized promotional emails about the offers, consumers of this era are observed to be more interested in receiving personalized emails and offers.

According to some expert services that deal in gathering intelligence data on consumer behaviour, consumers are seen to connect better with brands that offered a more personalized human experience instead of some generalized digital communication such as emails or online chats.

So, businesses might feel the need to start recruiting individuals for field work wherein they’d represent your brand and visit the consumers in person to close the deals.

Adapting to the Multi-Channel Approach of Communication

Unlike the past, businesses must adapt to the shifting trends in communicating with its customers. Instead of using a single channel the old fashioned way, they must understand the demand of this decade. According to experts in the field of communication – it’s more likely to engage a prospect if a business uses a multi-channel communication approach.

According to the observations of experts, the browsing habits tell a lot about a customer, to an extent that they can even predict the next purchase that a particular individual would make in a certain timeframe. Therefore, it’s become more that important to understand the consumer needs and be ready to fulfill them before he demands.

Market research can be of prima interest for businesses wanting to understand and align themselves with trending demands. Connecting with the prospects over different social networking platforms is another way of engaging with them, this also helps with keeping your brand stay fresh in the minds of the consumers. A strong business might have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest, all with content that resonates with the respective audience.

Starting this year, business that lay their focus on delivering innovative solutions to individual consumers can succeed in the race. Therefore, understand the shifting trends in the eCommerce industry today and align accordingly for tomorrow, can help businesses equip themselves with the necessary mechanisms for efficient delivery.

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