2 Ways to Get Your Site Indexed Quickly

October 12, 2006 / Internet Marketing Web Design and Development

To get a site indexed by the Search Engines a lot of people submit their site to Google and other top search engines. But it takes a long time just to see the new website to be placed into their index (about 6 weeks or even more).

The use of Google Submission Form at the following URL http://www.google.com/addurl.html shouldn’t be done if you are looking for quick indexing of your site. You should never use this form or any other of the top search engine’s submission forms.

Two quick ways to get your website indexed by Google:

1. All you will need to do is write one, possibly a few more articles based on the topic of your website, once you have done this, search for the most popular article directories on the web, and simply submit the article(s) to those directories. Once they have added your article and link to their site, the search engines when visiting their website, would then follow all the links on their site. One of those links will be a link to your site, then your website is indexed by Google and other search engines.

So always try to submit your articles to other article directories to get more links. The more links you get, the quicker your site will get indexed.

Some of the popular article directories include:




2. Try to get high Pagerank website to link to your website. If you manage to get 1 PR6 website to link to your website, your site should be indexed by Google within the next 3 days. If you can get 1 PR7 website to link to your site, in most cases your site will be in Google’s index within the next 24-48 hours.

To persuade someone to add your link to their website, you must give them a good reason to do this. Try to contact sites that are highly related to yours and always think of a way that you can offer them something their visitors would benefit from if they add your link.

Another way is you can purchase links from high Pagerank websites.

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  1. You need to have good content as the whole SE evolve around the content, the main objective of any search engine to provide their users most appropriate content. Remember you should have good content that can increase the value of your article and even to generate links.

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