10 Best WordPress Plugins for Websites and Blogs

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Websites and Blogs

27,299,909 downloads for the WordPress version 3.9, is what the counter showed when writing here. This is the number of sites that are running ver. 3.9 only, imagine the number if we include the sites that run older versions.

Considering the number of sites running on WP CMS, it isn’t surprising to see the volume of WordPress plugins, themes and templates to support the vast variety of user preference.

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Until June 2014, the total number of wordpress plugins were: 31,955

WordPress Plugins download counter : 686,399,749 and counting.

While the total number of WP themes available at the themes directory is 2,612, which have been downloaded 104,834,472 and counting.

Now, hand-picking from such a large pool of options can often be difficult. Hence, with an effort to ease you from this mammoth effort, we’ve formulated a list of top wordpress plugins for blogs and website’s based on various parameters.

Check this cool infographics for a list of greatly useful WordPress plugins :


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