Four Myths About Custody And Disposal Of Data

To the extent that the costs for storage fall, companies hold a greater volume of information. However, in Big Data times, it is worth creating policies for data destruction.

Many data are outdated and will never be accessed. They end up accumulating and can hardly be accessed in a systemic way. To improve information management, the best you can do is to get rid of the excesses, creating effective policies.

But today, most organizations do not have a structured policy for disposal of information. This context is because there are many “myths” that still surround the relationship between companies and their data.

Myth 1: You need to keep all.

Fact: No rule forces the organization to keep record of all the data produced.

Each company follows specific rules according to the sector in which it operates and, by means of regulatory guidelines, can separate the information that will have usefulness of that need to be preserved in the records (for example in email for business). To separate effectively, which should be stored, the IT manager must have a process of communication with the leader of the legal field. So, create policies that address the laws and capture mechanisms or disposal of data.

Myth 2: It costs nothing to keep.

Fact: Secure retention of data requires high initial investment and maintenance.

Data storage costs are not only high, but also imply costs related to managing the information kept on file, the security solutions that ensure the protection of stored assets.

Myth 3: You cannot identify what can be discarded.

Fact: There are specific processes and solutions for this.

There are two reasons for keeping data stored: They have legal or regulatory value or generate effective results to the business. Through a process of analyzing the flow of information, can identify which meet these divisions. If they are not suitable for any of these categories, can be discarded.

Myth 4: It is very difficult to categorize data.

Fact: It will be much more difficult in the future when their storage infrastructure suffer a crash. So start as soon as possible.

Separate the information that can be disposed of from those that must be kept may seem impossible, but it is not. The initiative requires full integration of the IT manager with the leader of the legal department, as well as other business areas. Only then, can identify the data that do not bring value to the company and nor are linked to regulatory standards in each sector.

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SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – The cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud Computing model let users access the network on demand to a shared set of configurable features in computing (for example, networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be quickly arranged and released with little management effort or interaction of a service.

Cloud Computing is a broad term to name various IT-related services. The way covers a wide range of services, resembles the term “web”, which since 1996 is used as a synonym for the Internet.

Is your company ready for this new reality?

In the most recent survey, technology experts revealed new and fascinating insights into how the internet affects human intelligence and how information is shared and processed.

By 2020, most people will have access to online software applications and share information through remote networks, rather than relying mainly on tools and information stored on their devices or personal computers.

The cloud experts says that it will be more dominant than the actual physical desktop in the next decade.

The Cloud Server Hosting is coming and settling for change in various aspects of IT services. The 100% online storage capacity, security as a keyword and lower costs is causing companies to stop increasingly aside the offline storage modes to adhere to this type of service. The capacity of production by several employees at the same time, online meetings and the fact that there is need for a physical structure brings to the world of technology a new era, towards functionality.

Cloud Computing is a service that can be provided in different ways, which is based on three different structures. They are:

Software as a Service (SaaS): It is the best known type of online storage, used, for example, by email services. Among the main features are data access via web, centralized management, applications following the model “one to many”, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow external integrations.

When To Use It?

Its use is recommended when applications require remote or mobile access, such as CRM software for the relationship management (customer) and management of social networks, marketing.

It is also ideal to use it for a short-term or on seasonal basis, as project collaboration software.

When Not To Use it?

SaaS is not advisable when applications require fast or real-time data processing, follow a law that does not allow data hosting outside the company or the security requirements and SLA are critical.

Platform as a service (PaaS): This is similar to SaaS. The difference is that, the former is a software delivered over the web and it is an environment, a platform, as its name says, to create, host and manage software.

When To Use It?

When there is a need for teamwork, integration and screening services and database integration. The service is useful when implementing or when there is need for a complex environment for the application. It is also important when many developers are working for each other and there is no need for external interaction.

When Not To Use It?

When the proprietary language might hinder in case you need to change to another provider in the future or if you use proprietary languages or approaches that influence the development process. It is also not advisable in cases of customization, where application performance requires specific hardware or software.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): This one has three subcategories:

A) Public Cloud: When the infrastructure has standardized shared resources over the Internet;

B) Private Cloud: Infrastructure following the virtualization of cloud computing, but privately;

C) Hybrid Cloud: Combines the first two using the characteristics of one or another when it is more convenient.

For contracted services and its resources, monitoring is advanced, there is high scalability and the cost varies.

When To Use It?

When demand is volatile, such as for virtual stores. It is also advisable for companies that grow rapidly and there is no capital for infrastructure.

When Not To Use It?

This is something where you must be careful with the law. Sometimes it is not allowed to outsourcing or keep data storage outside the company. It is not advisable when the performance levels are required for applications to limit access to the provider.

The Informant experts who work with interaction design have an important role in understanding the expectations and reactions of users. To promote better communication and get positive feedback in all product areas, several points are analyzed, such as security and the positive response of the shares, aiming to build a product that fits closely to the user. This is one of our strengths to deliver a functional product quality in different segments.

It is important that each service meets exact needs of each company, which may vary by size, number of employees, practice area and other factors such as the company follows legislation. The Cloud services are improving constantly and moving towards a single goal: Convenience and safety with low cost.

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Top 6 CMS that Web Designers and Developers Can’t Miss

top 6 cms for developers and designers

Have you created an online platform for your business? If not, then I insist that you create it without further delay. According to retail research, sales in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain are expected to grow from £132.05 bn [€156.28 bn] in 2014 to £156.67 bn [(€185.39 bn] in 2015 (+18.4%), reaching £185.44 bn (€219.44 bn) in 2016. In 2015, the overall online sales are expected to grow by 18.4% (same as 2014). To be honest, having an online presence is no longer an option, it rather has become the core need of today’s business needs. A prospect searching for any product online, does look for a website with a view to learn about your business and evaluate the possibilities of his requirements being fulfilled. The aesthetics of a website does play a key role to attract prospects but the content, rather informative content is something which one cannot. Content plays a key role in helping the customer to understand your products and services in a sophisticated manner. Continue reading

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Latest in Cyber Vulnerability – The FREAK Attack

freak attack - an encryption vulnerability - whuk

It seems that the predictions made by tech journalists after a serious of attacks in 2014, are coming for real. According to them, the situation in 2015 would be worse viewing to the more advanced techniques been used to penetrate networks. This time it’s ‘the FREAK attack’. After DDoS that lead to Internet slowdown globally, enterprises are under constant strain. Therefore, it becomes important for us to know about FREAK and adopt ways to safeguarding ourselves.

FREAK (Factoring RSA-Export Keys), the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) hole present in programs using Apple’s SSL implementation or old Open SSL as well as in Microsoft’s Secure Channel (SChannel) stack. Though termed as an attack, it is actually a security flaw that came into light on March 3, 2015. Hackers can exploit the vulnerability to weaken the encryption used between clients and servers when the user logs on via HTTP connections. The computers operating on Windows OS fall into this category. Continue reading

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Internal Server Error in WordPress – Fix it ASAP With These EASY Solutions


No doubt that everyone loves WordPress. What’s so unique about this Content Management System that its version 4.1 was downloaded by approximately 22,681,153 times? There is a lot to add to the list of benefits of WordPress – right from it being free to flexibility and support. One of the key reasons is that it’s FREE and small businesses with low budget can easily afford it. Even large businesses prefer to use WordPress as it is search engine friendly and offers plenty of options. Of course, it can’t be overlooked, it’s mobile friendly which is the need of today’s trending mobile world. Continue reading

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Is Disaster Recovery the Last You’re Planning About?…Think Again!

WHUK Disaster Recovery Management
Disaster’ – the word is just enough slip a breath. Imagine, if this word gets associated with Business, blood starts gushing speedily through the heart. What if it happens in real? Can’t or rather don’t want to imagine, right?

To bring your business to a mounting point takes great efforts and also long time. When any disaster hits a business, its consequences may be devastating. According to a study, 87% of companies that lose access to their corporate data for more than seven days go out of business within a year. Disasters can be termed under three categories – natural (hurricanes & earthquakes), technological failures and human (purposely or accidently). But this doesn’t matter at that point, since recovering from the disaster and bringing it back to normal is a paramount. Continue reading

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Challenges to Cyber Security in 2015 – Know What We are Up Against


Considering the evidences from the past, in the retail sector even the robust players like Home Depot, Target, Sony, Staples and number of banks were victims to high-profile breaches. While we are referring to large organisations or reputed brands, it’s a misconception that small firms will always be safe and that the cyber criminals would spare them. As a matter of fact, since small businesses don’t invest much in securing their online stores/websites, they often are easy targets.

With only a couple of days left for 2015, entrepreneurs are getting ready to deal with new cyber attacks that may bring down their ventures in future. With planning on new strategies to compete the market, one of the major concerns for firms is strengthening the safety level to battle any possible attacks in the New Year. “The enhancing technology will create good opportunities for the hackers to infiltrate the business and consumer data”, according to technology expert Karl Volkman, Chief Technology Officer at SRV Network Inc. Continue reading

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Dehaunting Linux, PHP & WordPress from the Ghost Bug


Though all our Linux systems were patched the moment we came to know about the Linux Ghost Bug or the GetHost vulnerability, we would like to help you with information on what this vulnerability is all about.

Did you know, Linux users were literally haunted by a ‘GHOST’? Yes, that’s right ‘Haunted’ by ‘GHOST’, the new security vulnerability found in January this year that hurts Linux as well as other systems that uses the open source glibc library. The name GHOST was tagged as it can be triggered by the GetHOST functions. After not even an year passed since the Heartbleed was discovered, researchers were able to identify another major security vulnerability in the form of GHOST. Though, not as severely bad to the data privacy as the Heartbleed and Shellshock bugs.

Let’s first see What glibc is? Continue reading

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How VMware vSphere 6.0 is Better than VMware vSphere 5.5

VMware vSphere 6.0 vs 5.5
Undoubtedly there’s an increasing number of people getting inclined towards virtualization. Since the sounds of benefits of virtualization to business and technical fields are heard from the mountain tops by several entrepreneurs, it has become a significant element for all. Being an innovative technology, virtualization helps organizations to cut the costs on various aspects and operate more efficiently. Big companies with great IT resources took the initiative to implement it. But today, even small and medium size businesses are joining the bandwagon. Do you know how virtualization can help your business to boom?

Here are benefits of virtualization to business –

  • » Businesses can run multiple operating systems and applications on a single machine which leads to requirement of less number of physical servers which saves your hardware costs.
  • » Less use of hardware means there will be less usage of power that leads to reduced maintenance and energy costs.
  • » Managing physical and virtual environments holistically together in the same manner is important for reducing complexity and risks while enhancing productivity. Virtualization simplifies management of IT along with maintenance and deployment of apps.
  • » Virtualization is one of the best solutions for productivity as it enables quick and easier backups along with disaster recovery.
  • » When you adopt virtualization in your venture, opting for external, internal or hybrid cloud services becomes easily possible.

Continue reading

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Is your Magento Site Getting Slow – Well Here’s a Solution For It

Which of these represent your Magento site

Every eCommerce retailer may have started working on the ways to achieve better online sales this time as compared to last year. What you achieved last year should be taken as a compliment and what went wrong as a lesson to avoid this year. Whether you are a newbie in the ecommerce industry or a well-established business, managing a website effectively would be the first priority for you. If your website works well, audience will obviously like to buy products from your e-store leading to good online sales. There are several factors that have an effect on your website sales – the CMS platform, host provider, security, optimization, etc. Continue reading

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